The Risk of Rain 2 Dedicated server is a server I’ve put together as a method of allowing more players to participate in multiplayer, while also providing a better playing experience for everyone. The server is maintained by me, and is available to anyone who’d like to request using it. Mods can be added, player count can be raised (Defaulted to 8), etc.

Each session is protected by a unique password generated to protect the privacy of players who are currently playing and to prevent traffic overflow on my network. Your connection is made through steam and processed by my server, therefore, meaning your connection is secured.

How to join:

1. Confirm that a session is accepting players (Contact me if you’d like to do so.)
2. Open your Risk of Rain client and on the main menu, press CTRL + ALT + ~ keys all at once. The tilde (~) key can usually be found at the top left of your keyboard, under the ESC key.
3. In the textbox, paste in ” cl_password “XXXXX”; connect “”; “. Replace XXXXX with the password that was given to you for your session.
4. Press enter, the client will connect to the server. Play as normal in multiplayer or singleplayer!

That’s about it! If you have any issues, refer below or contact me. Enjoy!


Q: I saw a black screen, then was returned to the menu!
A: This is usually because the server either crashed or fell asleep. The server closes after 5 hours automatically, even if players are online to save power.

Q: The console sends an error in red text!
A: All I can suggest is making sure you entered everything correctly. Passwords are case sensitive. If you still have issues, contact me.

Q: Can I make changes to the server?
A: No, no one is the host in this server and therefore only I can make changes to the server. If you need mods or the config file changed, contact me.