Hi! Welcome to the Sopharahsis project page. Sopharahsis is a NodeJS bot built for Discord that brings moderation, utility, games, and more to your discord server!

To invite the bot to your server, click here!
If you would like to help contribute by giving some code, suggesting new features, or reporting bugs, please visit the Github page here!


Command NameParameterDescriptionPermissionTime RestrictionAliases
helpNoneShows a menu of available commands that can be usedN/AN/Acommands, list
levelNoneSends your level card, includes XP to next level, your current level, total amount of messages sent in all servers with Sopharahsis, and all messages in the current server (will only count messages that rewarded XP)N/A10 secondsrank, levels
setwelcome(channelID)Binds the channel provided as the welcome channel. When enabled, any join/leave messages by the bot will be sent here. If no parameter is given, this feature is disabledManage GuildN/AN/A
setaudit(channelID)Binds the channel provided as the audit channel. When enabled, any moderation actions, done via the bot or through the Discord client will send a message with information about the action. Examples include kicking, banning, deleting messages, moving users in audio channels, etc. If no parameter is given, this feature will be disabled (This will trigger one last audit entry in the channel, stating the feature was disabled.)Manage GuildN/AN/A