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Hi everyone! I’d like to first off apologize for no recent posts on my site. I’ve somewhat neglected my site, which wasn’t good, but here’s my promise that I’ll be more active here. So, let’s talk about updates for this month.


Not too many features have been added recently, however, Sopharahsis is being remade in Javascript instead of using Discord Bot Maker, which has made development much easier (in a sense). With the release of DiscordJS v12, Sopharahsis has also been updated to use this. I’m still in the process of learning Javascript, so progress may be a little slow for the time being. You can follow along with Sopharahsis’ development over at Github (an old archive of the DBM version is also available, please keep in mind however it is not supported in any way). If you’re interested in helping with testing, please feel free to contact me, and we can discuss details.

Risk of Rain 2 Mod Manager

Unfortunately, I do not have anything to report on this. I’d like to get around to making it at some point, especially with the release of Risk of Rain 2 just around the corner, but I’m not even sure what framework I’d like to use, or what language for that matter. If you’d like to suggest something, please leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

IRL stuff

I thought it might be a cool idea to talk about what happens in my personal life, of course leaving out giant details. For those of you who don’t know, in the past 2 months I picked up scorekeeping as a job. It’s not big, but it earns me a little amount of money. I was able to pick up some dough, but now that basketball season has ended, I’ll be without a job for a little bit until baseball/softball kicks into action. I’d like to pick up a second part time job, something that’s more reliable, maybe a store clerk or something of that nature. I have 3 big things I’m saving up for. My number 1 priority is still getting the casing on my laptop fixed at some point (It’ll probably be around $200 to fix), then I’d like to pay for my driving education (even though I’m graduated, I was homeschooled and chose not to complete a public driver’s ed course). This will be about $600, but, once I complete the course, I’ll get documents that will help lower the cost of insurance for my vehicle, and overall I feel that I’ll drive safer. My last thing is I’d really like to build a desktop by the end of the year, but it’s just a luxury item and I may not be able to afford it, so who knows, we’ll see.

I’ve also been getting into video editing, but I haven’t really made anything worth showing. Well, more specifically, photography. I’ve always kind of had a thing for it, and I do enjoy it, there are some very beautiful places here great for taking pictures of. I also have a drone, but the picture quality on it isn’t great and I don’t have a big SD card for it. I wanted to get one of the more professional drones, but I had to set that aside for other costs, like the driver school I mentioned earlier. Who knows though, maybe I’ll be able to get something this year, it’d be pretty cool to make a picture blog.

Well, that’s all I have for now. Let me know your thoughts on this post, I’d love to hear them! Thanks for everything you guys do, you’re all amazing.

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