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Hello everyone! Today, I’d like to announce some changes that are coming to Aquahorse, my projects, and generally just a life update.

As some of you may know, the casing on my laptop is cracked badly to the point where it’s being held together with tape, and where I’m unable to shut the lid of the laptop. I’ve lived with this for almost a year now, due to me being unable to afford repair for it. Today, while browsing the web, I’ve encountered a new problem.

Yup, my battery died. This makes it much harder to do any work on my computer, since I’m limited to my AC adapter now, and if it comes unplugged, I lose any work. I’m not financially able to cover the repair costs of either repairs, and at some point, I’d really like to repair my computer. I hate to ask people for money, it’s honestly embarrassing to me. I’m currently attempting to get a low paying job, which will help cover some costs of the repair, but it could take a very long time before so.

So, that being said, I wanted to give some of you the opportunity to help me out here, of course with benefits to you. I’ve revamped my patreon page (originally made for Sopharahsis) so that it suits better for what I’m making now. The new benefits have been updated (and I know they kinda suck, so I’m open to new suggestions!), and the money will be used specifically for these parts on my laptop:

New front panel and New battery

After that, any money earned will be used only for projects. I appreciate any helps you guys can offer, and even if you can’t donate, just sharing the link around will help me tremendously!

Introducing: The Pristatic Times

This will be a montly newsletter based on projects I’ve been working on, topics in the technology world, and possibly more, depending on feedback I receive! This is a brand new idea, so I’m open to hear what you guys think. I’ll be finding a way to make a mail list so you won’t have to check here for the letter, but if you’d like to enroll now, just type in your email you want to be used for it, and I’ll add it! (Your comment won’t be public unless I make it public, which, if you post your email, I’ll take down the comment so that it never becomes public here. Security matters!)

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